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Chief Coat 100 Year Guarantee

Here at Heat Straps we take pride in our products and craftsmanship. For that reason, we offer a 100 year warranty on all hardware & seams of the Chief Coat. If the coat is faulty due to poor craftsmanship, or defective materials, we will fix it or replace the coat for free for the next 100 years under our warranty. The Chief Coat will be the last chore coat you will have to purchase. We guarantee it!

-Jordan & Tyler Lang


Seam Repair

If seams are ripped because of a manufacturing defect, we will fix your Chief Coat. If we are unable to fix your coat we will replace it for free covered under our guarantee.

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Hardware Guarantee

If a zipper, button, or rivet is damaged due to a manufacturing defect we will fix it for free. If we are unable to fix the coat we will replace it for free under our warranty.

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Terms & Conditions

This guarantee only covers the Chief Coat. If we deem that the damage resulted from misuse or neglect the coat will not be covered under the 100 year guarantee. 

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