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Word on the Street


"I bought them and 1 hour later used them at a Working Fire. the convenience of the straps as well as the idea that I wouldn't lose my gloves while I mask up, was enough to convince me that these are necessary and an integral part of bunker gear and engaging fires in a fast manner. If your looking for something to streamline your door entry , extrication even rope work , I highly recommend them . I'm sure after the first incident you use them at , you'll wonder why didn't I get them sooner. Five Stars!"

Jose Cotty - Rescue 1 Jersey City Fire Department


"Great idea, doesn't slow you down going to work. Great price and service. These are an awesome product every firefighter on the fire ground or any scene need to have. They work on extrication gloves also. Highly recommended to everyone."

Steve Jason - FDIC Instructor & Captain

“These things are worth their weight in

These Things are worth their weight in GOLD... Something SO simple, yet SO useful. A serious time saver. No more fumbling for lost gloves!

Dan Shultz

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