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The Craftsman Vest - A Trustin Timber Collaboration

We are beyond thrilled to unveil a product born out of passion, precision, and unparalleled craftsmanship - The Craftsman Vest. This piece is a fruit of our first-ever collaboration with the eminent cabin builder, Trustin Timber, whose artistry in his field is nothing short of legendary.

Purpose-Driven Design: Every stitch, seam, and pocket in the Craftsman Vest has been meticulously designed in conjunction with Trustin's invaluable insights. Drawing from his day-to-day experiences and needs as a cabin builder, each pocket on this vest has been tailored for a distinct purpose. Whether you're reaching for your carpenter's pencil, tape measure, or any tool of the trade, you'll find a designated spot for it.

Authentic Craftsmanship: Handcrafted with care and precision in our quaint shop nestled in New Jersey, this vest not only embodies our commitment to quality but also showcases the best of American craftsmanship.

Robust Features: The Craftsman Vest is a harmonious blend of style and sturdiness:

  • Leather Washer Reinforcements: Ensuring longevity and added resilience against wear and tear.
  • Solid Brass Snaps and Rivets: These are not just mere embellishments; they stand as a testament to the vest's robustness and quality.

Age Like Fine Wine: Like all things precious, the Craftsman Vest only grows more refined with time. As you wear it, work in it, and make memories with it, its character will evolve, becoming a reflection of your journey.

Wear it with pride, knowing you possess a piece that's not just a vest, but a story – one of collaboration, dedication, and pure craftsmanship. Grab your Craftsman Vest today and be part of this incredible journey!


Model is 5'11" 170 wearing size Medium

Heat Straps x Trustin Timber Craftsman Vest

Out of Stock
  • 1. Heavy Duty 10 oz. Martexin Waxed Canvas - Durability redefined. This vest is built to withstand the test of time, resist the elements, and keep you shielded, whether you're on a worksite or off grid.

    2. Solid Brass Snaps with Leather Washers - Solid brass snaps provide reliable closure, made with precision in Connecticut, enhancing both the vest's aesthetics and utility.

    3. Triple Stitched Seams- With bonded nylon thread provide extra reinforcement.

    4. Proudly Made in the USA

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