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One of the most dangerous and disruptive events for a Firefighter to experience is the dropping or falling of their gloves! A dropped glove takes that Firefighter out of action and could contribute to direct injury or a delay in helping victims or saving property. HEAT STRAPS USA has the answer: HEATSTRAPS. HEATSTRAPS are a necessary part of every Firefighters Personal Protective Equipment inventory. Created by active 3rd generation Firefighters, they are designed to easily and quickly secure your gloves to you via a strap that goes around your wrist (see our video for a quick demonstration). HEATSTRAPS are fire protective, durable, low cost and a must need for every Firefighter. HEATSTRAPS are being used throughout many Fire Departments including Boston, New Haven, Jersey City and beyond. Keep yourself and others safe by using HEATSTRAPS and incorporating them as a standard into your PPE inventory! HEATSTRAPS are available to individual Firefighters and to entire Departments/Houses. Ask about our discounted pricing for Department/House buys.

When it’s time to get off the rig and serve your community, have the confidence knowing that you will have your fire gloves securely fixed to your wrists and you will be ready for action. You can count on Heat Straps for quality products that will give you peace of mind knowing that you will not lose your gloves during the chaos happening on the fire grounds. Our goal is to have every firefighter wearing Heat Straps. Our mission is to make sure no Firefighter will lose his or her gloves in an IDLH environment. We guarantee you will receive only the best quality products delivered to you in no time and totally hassle free.

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New Jersey, USA

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